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Wedding Packages*

  • Simple Wedding

    Great for small yet still formal ceremony desires
    • Consultation and Introductions
    • Semi-Customized Ceremony with unlimited edits
    • Wedding ceremony up to 15 minutes
    • Arrive 15 minutes before wedding, ready to perform
    • Perform Ceremony
    • Rehearsal upon request (subject to availability)
    • Completion of Marriage license
    • Legal and licensing reminders
  • Deluxe I Do

    Perfect inclusive wedding with unity items and personalized
    • Consultation and Introduction
    • Fully Customized Ceremony with unlimited edits
    • Ceremony including readings, unity portion, personal stories
    • Wedding Ceremony up to 30 minutes
    • Arriving 30+ minutes before ceremony
    • Performing Ceremony
    • Rehearsal
    • Completion and mailing of marriage license
    • Legal and licensing reminders
    • Two custom vow notebooks for personal vows
    • One element in Platinum (out of state, memorize, unity, etc.
  • Platinum Package

    The "Above and Beyond" package - everything and more!
    • Consultation and Introductions
    • Love Story Questionnaire
    • Fully Customized Ceremony with unlimited edits
    • Ceremony including readings, unity, stories, etc.
    • Memorization of ceremony available by request
    • Wedding Ceremony up to 1 hour
    • Providing of Unity Item (candle, sand, wine, hand binding)
    • Arriving 30+ minutes before ceremony
    • Day of ceremony run-through (in addition to rehearsal)
    • Performing ceremony
    • Prayer/Reading/Blessing at Reception
    • Rehearsal
    • Coordinate with DJ/Photographer/Coordinator on details
    • Completion and mailing of marriage license
    • Legal and Licensing reminders
    • Out of state/county/country licensing requirements
    • Officiant outfit to match wedding colors upon request
    • Two custom vow notebooks for personal vows
  • Create Your Own!

    Unique Wedding

    This is the most popular option - pricing usually $250-$450
    Free Plan
    • Consultation and Introductions
    • Custom Ceremony
    • Hybrid of ceremony length, content, unity item, etc.
    • Arrival prior to ceremony
    • Performing ceremony
    • Rehearsal
    • Completion of marriage license
    • Legal and licensing reminders
    • Hand-picked items from across the three standard packages
  • Ceremony Writing

    Perfect for family members and first time officiants
    • Consultation and introductions
    • Fully customized script with unlimited edits
    • Incorporation of unity items, readings, etc.
    • Consultation and Practice with chosen officiant
    • Legal and Licensing reminders for chosen officiant
  • Elopement

    Just a couple, a marriage license and a very simple ceremony
    • Consultation and Introductions
    • Selection from standard ceremonies with limited edits
    • Perform simple ceremony under 5 minutes
    • Legal and licensing reminders
    • Completion of marriage license
    • Rehearsal/Run Through ala cart pending availability


Please note that that pricing and packages listed above are subject to change and should only be considered as an estimate of services.  Please also note that travel and any other necessary accommodations (weekday wedding, zoom streaming/recording) are not listed here but would be listed in the comprehensive price quote with is only available through consultation. 

A non refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of booking and remaining balance is due 10 days prior to wedding. Deposit and final payment can be taken through cash, check**, venmo, cashapp, or paypal.

To receive a quote for your wedding, please hit "Book Online" and set up a consultation. DO NOT try to book by clicking on the packages - Officiating by Amanda is not responsible for any services paid for by doing this and is under no obligation to refund inadvertently paid funds.

**Checks will not be accepted if not made out properly and Officiating by Amanda will not be responsible to cash, return, or forward any overage amount on checks whether to the couple, another vendor, or payee. 

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